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#CharacterCreationChallenge – Day 31 – D&D 3E (WotC)

And so I end with a whimper, and not the bang I had been hoping for. This week can die in a fire.

No. I refuse to go down that easy. So…the closest to a bang I can conjure on short notice is Scorch Talon. Scorch is a half-elf I created back in the day to run through the Sons of Gruumsh Forgotten Realms Module with the defunct Monday Night Gaming Group. He was a warmage/battle sorcerer multi-class meant to bring the arcane magical pain with some defensive abilities.

I was only able to attend the play sessions covering the first level of the castle in the module. But things had gone catastrophically wrong for our sneak entry. Scorch was instrumental in getting the orcs off our backs while trying to continue to free the hostages. Scorch was a lot of fun to play.

Scorch Talon – Half-elf Warmage 3/Battle Sorcerer 1

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