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Oops Casserole

So last Thursday was a snow day for many, including The Wife, though not myself. I once again got to work from home. In an effort to stave off boredom, Herself embarked on the making of batch of potato soup, using the whole 5# bag of potatoes and cavalierly commandeering the stockpot in the process.


Not to be outdone, I dug out frozen mass of…something I had been eyeballing. It was too large for the crock pot, but a cup of hot water revealed several chunks of ham and a large ham bone that had not been completely stripped. I let the crock pot thaw it some. Then I returned trimmed the bone and diced the thawed meat, returning the bone to the freezer. I’ll see that again. The rest cooked down for the rest of the day, and I declared it good.

Friday morning I pulled out another container of ham stock and mixed it with Thursday’s renderings. I was able to skim a lot of the fat off as it thawed. Throughout the day, I added some leftover veggies and a remnant of frozen mixed veggies. At day’s end, I had a serviceable, but VERY salty soup.

Without any potatoes to cut the salt, thanks to that FIEND!

So I threw in an old pound of rice and let it simmer some more. Too much more, in fact. I…uh, I may have forgotten to add more water with the rice. I may have also turned up the heat more than I meant to.

I certainly forgot to check on the concoction.


Fortunately, I remembered before it charbroiled itself. So my serviceable soup is now a serviceable ham and rice casserole. It’s not the output I intended, but it’s served decently as lunch so far this week.


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