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Whatever Cookies

Yeah, I’m branching out.

My youngest was pawing through the freezer recently and found the bags of Mint and Peanut Butter M&Ms ™. (They’re separate bags. Ew; get your mind in the game!) The cry went up, “Why haven’t we used these, Dad?!”

Well, Dad’s been saving them for something special. Checks date. Since 2014. Ouch. No time like the present, eh?

Unlike my soup endeavors, I’m a little less experimental when it comes to baking. Ms. Crocker and her chocolate chip cookie recipe are my go-to for cookie goodness, so I figured I would start there and see where the whim led us.

The first batch was a single batch; it took less ingredients and was quicker to complete. I had some problem with the butter. I didn’t soften it enough, and it seems I didn’t use enough. I excluded chips, using the whole bag of Mint M&Ms instead. A little added butter at the end got the consistency of dough I wanted. Into the oven they went. They turned out pretty well, but were VERY minty.

The second batch was a double batch. I was now confident in my usage of the recipe. Plus I had half a back of dark chocolate chips, that bag of Peanut Butter M&Ms, and small batch of macadamia nuts.

Yes. It had finally happened: the macadamia nuts were *NOT* a bridge too far!

I left the butter out to soften, but it turned out I had to melt some of it. Everything else went in OK, and the dough looked good. Cookies got deployed successfully and baked. But boy, did those cookies spread out… Moral of the story: when Ms. Crocker says soften, she means soften. But they still tasted good!

Herself also knocked out a strawberry pie for Pi Day. With the cookies and the leftover biscuits from Sunday dinner, that’s a lot of baked goods in the fridge. We’re gonna be carb-busy for awhile.

Oh, the horrors!


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